Who Are We

Young Company Young Soul

What once started from a bedroom of our rented house, has grown to be the fastest growing fabric company in the textile industry. Located in Durham and is  run by Ray & Giorgia. The partners in business. What you see now was once a figment of Ray & Giorgia's imagination to what fabric company should be. We wanted to base our company around the things we were passionate about, our fabrics and our customers. This is true till this date and will continue to do so in future.

But let’s introduce ourselves:

Our little company was born in December 2016, even if it has been planned for years, and it is still run by Ray & Giorgia.

I am Giorgia, I am an Italian girl that moved to UK few years back on a luck hunt. My crafty hobby started when I was little as my dad used to bring home thousands of fabric samples. He used to provide them to the most famous Italian brands like Gucci, D&G and Roberto Cavalli. Me and my creativity used to glue cut stich everything with those samples, from doll dresses to hair accessories. Now that I am grown up enough to use a sewing machine, I upcycle second-hand clothes in my spare time. I love to swipe through the charity shop and buy clothes with a potential and recycle them in something trendy. If you want to see my projects, follow our blog! I will definitely write something about them.

Ray is my business partner and he has been in the game since 2012 where he was working for a well established fabric retail company.

What We Do

Everything we do, we do together

The most important aspect of our business is to work closely with our customers understand their needs and their views. If our customers are not successful, we are not successful. And so it’s important for us to work together. To use each other’s knowledge and experience to move forward. Think  and act from a common goal.

Not Just Another Supplier

We consider ourselves business partners and support our customers in their company. We give our customers access to all the knowledge the knowledge of our fabric to help them make the right decision in their fabric selections. We stock our fabric in some unique hand picked colors which are harder to find on the market so our customers can express themselves in their own unique way.

As you can see, we have always been involved in this stunning world of fashion for different reason and we would love to stay in it in a more professional way. It took us a few sacrifices to get here but we are finally able to say that we are enthusiastic to introduce you our company Fabriques which is already getting its name around.

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